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100 Days of Code

So I’ve sort of fallen off the bandwagon after starting the year off well. Various reasons come to mind, but overall its a lack of follow through on my part that is the main culprit here. Its time to get myself back on course to creating content vs just following random training content verbatim.

I’ve known about this challenge now for close to a year and in all honesty the primary reason for me not bothering to follow it is because it asks me to post to twitter which I just don’t want to do! Alas though, I feel I will reawaken my long dormant twitter account which has only ever been used for contest entries. I shall now use it for the forces of good, or at least the forces of lowering the chances of procrastination anyway.

Creating A Plan

Projects: I will try to work on several projects over the course of the next 100 days. Many of which will be from the Free Code Camp project list for the Intermediate front-end projects.

  • Random Quote Machine: I’ve actually been doing some research on this one over the last few days and I have found myself an API which I can use in order to create the random quotes. I have also started to look into how to write this out in vanilla Js as I do not wish to use Jquery right now for this.
  • Show Local Weather: A simple web app that can be used to display the weather for a given location. More API practice.
  • Wikipedia Viewer: similar idea to above it just displays a Wikipedia article instead of the weather.
  • Twitch.Tv: Same as above two I believe, just displays a twitch user or game related content.
  • Social Media Posting: Ive also thought recently and was curious if its possible to create a simple web app which would allow me to post to all my social sites simultaneously. Im not sure if this is possible using the Facebook, twitter, and Instagram API or not, but it might be fun to look into it.

WebSite Projects: In addition to the above web apps, I am also learning Flexbox and various other CSS abilities as well. I intend on turning these into a chance to create a personal website, or at the least creating myself some portfolio pieces to add into the website at a future point.

I will continue trying to follow a few tutorials during this period as well, though since they are not to be counted towards my minimal hour a day of coding, I will need to find time in order to fit them in in addition to that hour.

Each of these projects will require their own Github Repo so I will have to share those as I create them in the future. Will be starting this today May 1st, 2018 which means my completion date for this first 100 days will be August 9th, 2018 (thanks google so I didnt have to count!).

Twitter Handle:

Updates to Projects

Photography Portfolio Resume Page

JavaScript Number Guess

I have made some project over the last couple of days on both of my projects. For starters, I have the first code posted for the Portfolio Page thing that I am mocking up. The page itself is fairly simple I think so it will be a good practice of my time. I have so far mostly gotten the header and the main navigation setup and ready to go. I do have a few changes that I will need to figure out how to do though.

For starters, the carousel on the main hero image will likely require a recode to how things are currently setup. Currently, the image is part of the background and I am unsure if I could cycle images embedded in the background. I will also need to add in a temp logo just for the sake of having one there to make sure the proportions remain the same.

In my JavaScript project, I managed to add in the code that stops users from placing guesses prior to a number being chosen. In addition I added in some more text that can point the user to the correct path of events that are needed to play (Its a message that says click this basically…).

Otherwise not much to post as of now. Still a long road to go here! I do like the overlap I shall be getting here as I forgot how much JS that can be involved working with a static webpage in addition to the CSS that will be needed for the JS guessing game as well. So I will be able to hopefully in the future speed up work on them as I decide to focus more to knock out features in the future.

Too Many Tutorials!!

A little reflection on how I am breaking up my learning time here. The breakdown is as such:
JavaScript is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
CSS is on Tuesday and Thursday.

I feel though that my current learning is slowing me down a bit though from true progression. The tutorials that I have been following have been quite extensive (50+ hours) which usually takes me months to work through, assuming I manage to complete them before moving on to the next one. So I have spent some time thinking and here is my solution…


…not exactly though. I feel that the fact I don’t try to practice anything till I complete a tutorial series is part of the problem. So I shall still be watching the same tutorials, but instead of working on the tutorial project which I can follow step by step, I shall be working on my own project which while overall similar, will not be able to be followed step by step.

So here is my thoughts:

Starting with my SASS video series, I am probably going to be re-starting it from the beginning. I got lost over the last two months with the holidays and really need a refresh. I shall though be trying to create this website which I downloaded the PSD’s for over on 365PSD.

The theme is probably a bit more simplistic then the one in the tutorial series, but, I figure the difficulty is a bit more to my skill level. There are several spots in there where I will need to utilize some JavaScript as well (looking at you image gallery filter), so there will be a bit of overlap with my JS learning as well.

I also still have a lot to learn from Git as well. I might work in some git training into this as well and try to create things in branches and merge them into the master only once completed. This will require a bit more work on my part but the experience will likely be worth it in the end. I started doing this before but I have yet to work it into a habit.

Moving Forward

The last 3 months of 2017 was good to me in regards to learning JavaScript in particular. While I still got a very long way to go, I believe there is a chance I might be able to make headway into being employable by the end of the year, or hopefully earlier. This is my overall goal anyway. In order to keep up my progress, I need to continue working up a learning plan in order to reach that goal.

As such, I am here to start figuring that out. Right now my main focus is going to be learning JavaScript. This is the biggest bottleneck right now to working towards employment as I really need to get a understanding of it down before moving more into its frameworks and libraries. Most importantly is React and Angular.

So what I need to do:

  1. I need to keep working on somewhat simple, though ultimately more difficult projects with each round of completion. I am currently still working on my number guessing game and once done there I will need to move onto something a little more difficult in order to keep progressing.
  2. I need to keep up learning. I still have more of Colt Steeles Bootcamp course to continue through which will introduce me to a bit of Jquery also. While Jquery might not seem to be worth enough to learn in depth, it would probably be best to at least be a bit knowledgeable with it. I also still have the ES6 course from Wes Bos to continue learning through. Not started that but its going to be one of my primary goals for the first part of the year.

I am thinking I will be breaking my schedule up similar as to how I broke it up towards the end of 2017. I will leave Monday, Wednesday, Friday for JavaScript related learning. This could entail anything from working on personal projects to following whichever tutorial of the day I happen to be following. I will likely try to mix things up a bit since I have a lot to learn and I really want to make this year count.

Lastly, Tuesday and Thursday shall be CSS related learning. I might have to adjust this to what I was doing before as I need to work on CSS related to my projects as well and I would like to work that into these days also. This does mean that my tutorial learning would likely slow down a good bit, but hopefully working on these projects will help boost me forward overall.

Ultimately this year I need to work on more things outside of tutorials. I would love to get a basic website setup at some point as well, though shall see how well that goes. I would also like to keep up posting here and might try typing out more indepth postings about my projects as I work things out.

Good luck!

A Year in Review

I have not had a chance with the holidays to continue work on my project that I had been working on. Needless to say though I have continued to work on keeping up with my JS learning.

One thing I noticed over the last few days of trying again to do the basic algorithm questions on FreeCodeCamp, is that it would appear at least in a basic process, that something with doing programming is finally starting to click with me. Which is just amazing!

In the last two days I have knocked out for of the challenges, Palindrome, Capital letters, Largest of Four and Longest Word. The previous time I tried doing these challenges I got lost after a few days of no success and ended up giving up in order to go back and relearn some more JS tutorials.

This time though, I was able to work my way through the problems, one step at a time, and was largely able to figure it all out in a decent amount of time (less then 3 hours anyway). Palindrome was the only exception to this as I had to do a lot of reading online about regular expressions and even had to post a question on Reddit to answer a question I wasn’t succeeding in looking up myself.

Its been the best feeling to finally be making my way through these problems and to see that over this last year (last 6 months especially) I am making legit progress. This year has been all over the place in regards to what I have accomplished vs failed at. While I am by no means great right now, I am making progress which I hope will allow me to make some moves by leaps and bounds now that my allowance of time will be increased with the decrease in my hours at work.

I believe though that Watch and Code is what allowed me to really make an improvement in my coding abilities. While watching the videos, at some point, something just clicked in my head that I didn’t even realize would happen.

So for next year:

My goals right now are to continue on with what I have been doing. Finish my guessing number game then move on to something a little more complicated. I really want to spend the first part of the year trying to drive home Javascript. I would also like to continue farther with this and try to learn either Angular or React at some point. Though I would prefer to have a better idea of JS before I make that jump.

It would appear that my coding year in review has been boiled down to the last few months only? Alas, the review is a big one for me!

The Work Continues!

So does posting apparently! This is probably the first time in a couple of years I have posted two posts so close to each other. I guess this shall be the beginning of a new thing perhaps? Come back on my 5th post and we shall get back to this probably more likely…

Anyway, I have continued working on my JavaScript project mentioned in my previous post, you can see what has been completed in the link below:

Github Repo:

Git Pages:

I have the basic functionality of the site down mostly. Everything can now be run without the use of the console which is amazing! Ive got a very rudimentary feedback system in place to tell people whats going on, not perfect but its there. Ive still got a LOT of work to do though.

  1. CSS: I need to start working on the CSS for the page. I want to try to at least get the basic grid setup for this so things are ordered correctly. Then I can work on getting the fonts closer to the correct sizes as well. This will not be all inclusive as of now, I just want to start working in the main features to make sure the aesthetics are easier to place and think about really.
  2. JS Feature: I need to create a “Give Up” button. This button will serve two functions. The first function, as the name goes, will be to give up if you are tired of guessing numbers. The second function will be to reset the gameBoard once you have guessed the correct option.
  3. JS Feature: A hint button. This will only be active once the first guess has been submitted. This feature will look at the last guess you made and compare it to the magicNumber. If you were lower then the magicNumber, it will tell you to guess higher, if you guessed too high, guess lower. Simple enough feature. This will also cost the user (at least) 1 guess towards your missed guesses stats section.
  4. JS Feature: In the stats section, I would like the game to track how much time it took the user to guess the correct number. Not sure how the format will work yet, or even how to do this, much research will need to be done.
  5. JS Feature: In the stats section, I need there to be a comparison done between number of guesses once completed to give the player a simple accuracy rating. This should be fairly straight forward to add in.
  6. JS Feature: There will be a message window for the game to make fun of the user or make various sarcastic remarks. Just something sort of fun to add to this. This can be tied to the difficulty level in addition to the number of missed guesses
  7. JS Mega Feature: The random number generator that is currently in use will need a complete revamp. I want the game to start with a popup modal (if possible) in order for the player to choose a difficulty on game start. There will be 3 possible difficulties:
    1.  Easy: 1 to 10
    2. Mid: 1 to 100
    3. Hard: 1 to 1000

This will deprecate the old system and allow me to pull that feature out of the current version of the page. The numbers will be pulled from the difficulty setting that the players choose. I believe this will be quite difficult to setup (for my skill level) and will probably need to do some refactoring all over the code to get it working properly.

This will also need to probably worked alongside the more in-depth CSS features as it will change the whole layout of the current display. I will likely need to break this step down further once I get to working it into the web app.


All around though, I call this project a success because I have managed to get the project working at least at the most basic levels! I’ve yet to be able to do that using JavaScript yet so I am quite happy with myself right now!

Devember – Day 1

Technically this should be day four… but as this blog has been come to notice, I don’t follow my own rules too well. Anyway, I am setting up a very simple project to help myself understand JavaScript a little better.

Its a simple Number Guessing Game! (No JQuery in this version, just Vanilla JS)

Step 1:

  1. I will need a variable to store a guess, which I can use prompt currently in order to test things out.
  2. I will need a variable to store the magic number in. This will be the arbitrary number early on in order to test out the logic.
  3. Create a simple if/else to compare the numbers together in order to figure out if I guessed correctly.

As this is my first real non tutorial based project, I imagine I am going to run into problems from the very beginning. (Having already started trying to figure my way through this, I can say this happened with the first try at writing a function…. nothing worked right!)

While I doubt I will remember to update this daily(This might even be the only update for the month!) I will try to get into the habit of writing down what I completed and what I had issues with and how I overcame those problems.


Github Repo: