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Re-focusing: Learning

Ive been spending a good bit of time learning Web Development and shall be using this sort of a developer diary? Will be to showcase (more for myself) my path to learning this craft.

I will likely eventually get back to posting other things, but for the time being things will be more of a learning focus. As a plus I might start posting more eventually… time shall see if I am able to keep this up anyway.

Away we go…..

Learning Excel: Project One

I have started learning Microsoft Excel as I am in my MBA degree and intend on focusing in accounting. I have a rudimentary use of it now, I know I will need a far greater knowledge in the long run.

I have in the past created an excel document for my movie collection and a book collection I have. I am thinking about updating this to see if I can make it far more user friendly and organized. Things I would like to try to do:

1. Create this using a table. I know tables are possible and they seem for more intuitive then just the regular spreadsheet. I also think they are able to be sorted as well, which would be much nicer for myself.

2. I am curious if it’s possible to create a macro or something so I can have a data entry form and then have that auto sort the addition by categories. I will need to look more into this.

3. I wasn’t too add more categories to my list. I am thinking date bought, cost, and genre to start. I might add more in the future.

I would also want to try to gloss it up and make it more pretty so to speak add well. Though, the cosmetic changes are small change compared to the other things. I might also need to update the overall list of change as well in the future add I learn of new capabilities.

I will likely want to do my books at some point also, though as my movies have far more variety, it would be the ideal training I think. So, from here on, I shall be maybe updating my page with excel things as I learn them. Not so much for my readers, but, because writing it back out and trying to explain it makes it easier for me to learn it.

So, till next time 🙂

Solar Viewing 12-28-13

Was finally able to get out and use my solar filter I bought back around september. Sadly school work and terrible weather had been keeping me trapped inside. Still got a lot of work to do, but, this was a learning experience for sure! I believe the images are inverted, though, I am currently unsure of the correct way to fix them to make them in the correct way. I know the process I just am not familiar with the look of the sun to know for sure which direction is correct. SO I just left them as they are

The color was added in by me in photoshop, as the telescope and Backyard EOS only captures in what is near black and white. —– Color —– Black and white


That time again

Well its about that time to reaffirm to myself that I intend on keeping this up to date and adding information here on a regular basis. Needless to say, I have done this countless times before on other blogs and or websites, each time has ended in failure just because of quite simply I run out of time and interest. 

Shall this time be any different? Who knows. Probably not, but here is to trying!

So in other news:

Personal Life

Birth of my baby boy Aydan 🙂 Born November 3rd, he is the best thing to happen to me. Needless this is where most of my time and money has been going to as of this last two months He is just too adorable. I really cant say enough about him. Right now we are in the process of getting used to a different sleep schedule then we have ever had. In the case of me, its more getting used to sleeping different hours more so then getting used to sleeping less. I used to regularly only sleep a few hours a night anyway. He is growing up in a blink though, I just really cant believe how quickly things are going.



Astronomy Related

Alas, Comet Ison was a bust. The main reason I bought my telescope back in last february was to see ISON this winter. Those dreams fizzled thanksgiving when the comet was vaporized going around the sun. BUT WHAT A RIDE! I enjoyed keeping up with the updates as the comet began to go around and the subsequent days prior and after the event. Was far enjoyable even if the overall effect left me wanting more.

As it stands though, I have not been able to use my telescope for the better part of 5 months now. Between the baby, going to school for my masters degree, work and cloudy days, I just have not had that opportunity to get out. I am hoping against hope that I can get outside sometime during my break from classes which ends on January 21st of next year, though, the last two weeks have been pretty much nothing but clouds for me. So we shall see if anything happens out of this or not.

Either way,  I got all this gear that I own, and nothing to do with it right now. I also still plan on adding more gear to my collection as well this upcoming year. Though, since my budget is very limited, I shall be using a website that allows me to earn amazon giftcards to put towards this purchase. So far I am sitting on 40 dollars in giftcards, hoping to probably get myself a Celestron Portable Battery pack so I can get longer sessions in when I am able to.



First semester and I got an A and 2 B’s, so I am overall happy. I could have probably gotten one of those B’s up to an A, but I was tired of the math and just needed to de-stress a bit after having my finals coinciding with the birth of my child. Anywho, I shall be ordering my new semester books here soon and getting back into the swing of things. Till then, I am just planning on trying to do as many things as I can around home to get things straightened out and cleaned up a bit.


Everything Else

All around a lot of things going on right now. I hope to make my return to astronomy, using my gear and updating this blog. I do hope to get a page showing all my gear as well as with pictures of my setup at some point. I have gotten several programs (Backyard EOS) and have sadly had no time to use anything. 😦 

So here is to hoping the new year will be good and bountiful. /cheers/

What have you learned?

I have decided to keep sort of a glossary I guess of the things I have learned about astronomy. Not really sure for what purpose, but, I figure writing about the things I will need and why will hopefully help me keep track of the information that I have learnt as it appears my outings are few and far between at this point. Needless to say this will be a huge work in progress as well. I simply know little right now and there shall be a lot of trial and error as things go forward with this project. I shall be needing to make a rough outline of what I know as of now. I shall need to spend some time brainstorming what I shall be adding to this. I will need to create a table of contents so to speak as well.

Right now this will be easy:

Table of Contents

1. Not a darn thing

Thats about it. So shall we get a brain storm? Or a light drizzle? We shall see. I shall update this a bit later.

Operation Oompa Loompa: Part 2 – List of Parts

Well time to list of the things I have bought and still need for this project. This is the last step before I finally start working on this project. We are almost all systems go to start creating this project 🙂

Items Bought and On Hand 

Soldering Gun <— click for link to item  ($16.50)

This is the gun that I eventually chose on. Its a bit hotter then I was originally looking for, but, the ones that are lower are much harder to come buy and the over all reviews for those are much worse then the one I opted for. Also with it being a bit hotter, it shall give it uses for other projects that it might come in handy for in the future. Time will tell anyway. I have as of now not even used it before as I just have not had a need as of now anyway.

7v Solar Charging Kit <—- click for link to item ($24.99)

I really like this guys tutorials. He writes really well and just seems to do a good job. As I have not followed it yet I cant say for sure how easy it is to follow yet, though that should change soon. I would like to post a list of all the items that are in the kit, though, I cant seem to figure out the items name as of now. I shall have to look into it and then post it below with  what each piece is. Shall update this as I learn.

7v Solar Cell

Its a Solar cell that is able to be used at 7v. As Of now I am unsure of anything else about it.


Items Still Needed to be Acquired 

Soldering Iron Holder <— click for link to item  ($5.40)

This is needed more to just keep my table from getting burns and what not. It is not REQUIRED though it is strongly suggested. Sadly the iron I bought did not come with its own stand. I “think” this comes with a sponge as well, so I shouldn’t have to buy that anyway. Though I have been wrong before…


Helping Hands W/ Magnifying Glass <— clock for link to item ($6.05)

Another thing that gives you a helping hand (heh, puns). Its meant to give you a few extra hands when you need to hold three or four things at once. Would hold wires in place or the board itself while I try to solder, plus allows me to see things in more detail as well.


Solder <— click for link to item

The solder recommended from another tutorial I seen was .031 Diameter solder. So I am thinking that any would work as long as it is .031 Diameter. I might be wrong. The link supplied is just one example, there is also lead free options as well. I am unsure of the advantages and disadvantages of either.


For the most part that is all she wrote. The solder prices will vary depending on the options I choose, but for the most part, I can have the rest of the tools with about 20 dollars spent towards it, so I should be working on this within the month

Projects and Mumbo Jumbo

Posting this more just to keep my mind open to whats been going on right now. Got a lot of things on my plate and quite possibly a lot more coming soon as well. So without further ado, I will bore you with the details.

1. Operation Oompa Loompa – This is my solar charger project I am working on. Its based on a tutorial which is linked to in the main post about this. I am mostly using this as a base board to create my own solar type chargers personally, if I like it enough and am able to grasp it as well, might be looking to possibly sell them as well to those with interest in them also. That is a tale for another day though as quite simply speaking, I am no where near that point as of now. Right now my knowledge on the subject can be found within this paragraph, so needless to say, its not much at all.

This project will be expanded in the future as the things I wish to do with solar will require me to get more involved in it as well. I wish to have a solar charger for most of my electronics I use on a somewhat regular basis. My laptop if possible, my telescope (requires 8AA batteries to operate), among other devices. The problem with this is, this is still far out of my realm of knowledge and who knows how long it will take to learn this? Thinking a year or two at the VERY least, but we shall see.

2. Preparation H – I don’t have a true project name for this yet as its just been something I have thought about doing for a long time. Naturally, I cant decide to learn just one new thing at a time, I got to dive into the whole pool of things that can be learned and try to do them all at once. I am cool like that. Quite simply, I want to create my own set of chainmaille, I have wanted one for years and buying one is just not awesome enough, so I have to make it myself. The main reason that this has come to mind again, is that I am starting to accumulate the tools I would have needed to make it because of other projects myself and my wife are working on. This is actually a somewhat cheap hobby once you have the tools, though it is quite time intensive. A single piece of armour will likely take months of time to put together. Not to mention that fact that I don’t have all day long to work on this, once again, because I like to do everything at once.

I just look forward to having myself a set of black ringed chainmaille sitting around that I can wear at random. Would be fun to wear it to the ren fest that we go to every year as well, just wish it wasn’t such a long process to make it though.

3. School – I have just applied for my Masters in Business Administration degree. Assuming I am accepted, then over the next week or so I shall be going into over drive to learn everything I can about this so I can succeed. Apparently we all need to get a good paying job to live in the world. It seems it all runs on this little piece of paper called money? Its an amazing invention which I have yet to see. So we shall see how that goes. For this though, I got to pass 6 classes first with a B or better to get into the program (assuming I am accepted anyway), so I shall have to make sure that this goes without a hitch. I would like to at some point get into the sustainable energy business in the future, but, for now I am just looking to get myself into a career I will be able to be happy with.

For this I have already started learning excel to an extent, it is a slow process, but its something I have started learning. I also plan to jump in and learn Microsoft word and powerpoint as well. Among my first classes will be a lot of economics classes as well as accounting, so I figure excel would be the ideal place to start with.

4. Jewelry Business model – This is actually for my wife. She likes to make beaded jewelry for fun, she wants to try to get things sold on an Etsy account as well, though she needs to build up an inventory as well first though. So I need to figure out how to setup return policies for her, setting up a Facebook account as a cross promotion marketing for this. Getting a set of plans of actions in order for how to work the creation of the jewelry in case someone wants a particular medallion added to the strand perse.

To do this though I shall need to troll Etsy myself to see what else others have used for their return policy. Also try to figure out pricing for people who post similar styles to hers to make sure that we can price competitively. Though, right now just getting her to work on things has been the hard part 😛 Still working on this ongoing project though. lol This project really isn’t that hard honestly, its just actually sitting down to think it out is the hard part. I could probably knock it out with a day or two of dedicated work.

5. 3D Modeling – This is something I had given up on starting last October, I had assumed that it was a lost cause to keep up with it though because it was not getting me anywhere at the time. Now though, with the advent of 3d printing coming into consumer price ranges, with the possibility of making a minor business of the solar panel charger type things, I am rethinking this proposition. There is a possibility I might need this skill in the future. While I am by no means a great 3d artist, nor will I ever be, I am probably good enough for what I will need created.

So for this venture, I am looking to probably get back into a 3d software. This time rough I will probably look into the free software Blender as my program of choice. The reason for this is that it has a native built in format for 3d printers. This will also get me into a new software then what I had failed with before. A new slate so to speak. We shall see on this one though, this is not a for sure venture right now and it will depend on a LOT of other things to go on first.

My goals though with the 3d will remain the same as I had before, learn the software and try to make items that people will want to buy as a download. I still prefer more architecture then anything else, so will likely be a lot of furniture models and the such. I did manage to sell a few models before I had given up, made a total of about 14 dollars at it with just the 5 models I had available, so there is hope for me yet!

6. Baby – Got a baby on the way in November, so this is another thing that shall be taking my time away from all the other projects that have been listed here (or that will be listed in the future). Naturally, priorities have to come first, and this is far more important then another project by a long shot.

7. Photoshop and Photography – I put both of these things together because they will be going hand in hand in some respects. I wish to learn Photoshop just to have fun with the program even though my art skills leave a lot to be desired, but, I will also need it for post processing pictures of the jewelry mentioned back in #4, in addition to taking photos of space objects through my telescope. This is an area that I shall be needing routine skills for anyway, though I wont need much more then the basic retouching and color correction skills I am thinking for the jewelry photography.

8. Misc – There is countless other things I have to take care of as well, though, getting my drivers license will likely be the biggest. In addition though I am also reading many books, watching many series and playing some games as well. These are the things that I have on the side burner for when I am too tired to work or just not in the mood for learning things. I still enjoy this stuff though and its what I do to unwind 😀 On top of all this I do also have a job that I have to work at, though its only a few days a week that I am working there. So I do have plenty of time available right now to work on things, I just got to work on using my time appropriately.

I am also in the process of learning about the sky as well. Learning the constellations, the star names and I would love to learn the math behind figuring out things about the stars as well. I tried taking a class in it, but I had been too outdated on the math to keep up with it. Since I shall be learning math in school again to an extent, I shall be hoping to reinvest some time to relearn these things as well.

There is probably more then this, I shall add more later and fill in more details as these problems come to fruition. For now though this will be a nice guideline for me to follow 🙂